I think I can, I think I can…

I’ve decided to blog. Yep. Me. I figured I’d put all my amazing vocabulary words to good use this way instead of wasting them on my Words With Friends app. Plus, it was either this or start bedazzling jean jackets like my mom did back in the 80’s… and don’t hate on my mom, she totally rocked the heck out of that rhinestone covered jean-wear! Love ya mom!

To be honest, I’m not really sure how to go about doing this though. Do I woo you just a little at a time until you’re completely enticed by my world, or do we just dive into my chaotic life and hope we both know how to swim?

Let’s start a little closer to today and then I will bob and weave all over the years with my baking and cooking and eating stories (so, ya, pretty much like any conversation you’ll experience with me). I do tend to ramble, so feel free to skim ahead when necessary. I also have a tendency to get “off track” when I remember another cool tid-bit of info you may be interested in (think, “Squirrel!”)  My hubby calls these my “commercial breaks” but somehow I always bring it back together in the end… even if it is two hours later! (this is where your extra need to scroll may come into play)

Shall we begin? Pictures with stories, my fav. I love pretty things, especially food!!

~Please note that the strategic placement of the Smart Water in the above photo is just that, strategy. Makes you think I’m a super-intelligent food connoisseur on a mission of greatness… clever, right? or just plain SMART?~


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I'm a self-proclaimed Dork. My family agrees. I like to eat and drink, in fact, I'm pretty good at it, so ya, now I write about it. Enjoy! ;)

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