Turning Brain Farts into Glitter!

So I’m hungry, surprise, surprise! The issue is all this healthy crap I have lying around. I. Want. Junk. Food. After opening the same cabinet forty-seven times and realizing nothing sweet is going to magically appear and jump into my belly, I seriously decide to make buttercream icing to dip grahams into. Um, yummy! Who does that?! I do! So at 2:30 in the freaking morning o’clock I whip up a batch of my go-to buttercream. All sorts of bad for ya stuff like Butter, mmm, and Powered Sugar, mmm, and Vanilla… wait, is Vanilla bad for you?? Note to self, Google, “Is Vanilla bad for you” end note to self… carrying on. After said icing is good and whipped, I go for the Honey Maid grahams and to my utter disappointment, there are none. Nada. Zilch. Big F-ing Zero! I mean, come on people! Where are my Graham Crackers?! What does a mommy have to do around here to get a freaking-A hit of some yummy-licious icing and grahams? Am I asking too much to be notified when these sort-of-a-cookie-sort-of-a-cracker like delicious treats are no more? Why oh why must I now be forced to finger-scoop my newly made icing?? Oh The Humanity!! Commence finger scooping.